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My BBQ adventure began in 2010, on one weekend afternoon I decided to stop in a local bbq joint(not saying till royalty checks clear) near where I was stationed in Norfolk, VA. Before then, I never really thought much of Barbecue. Sadly as most northern New Jerseyains’, BBQ only spurred thoughts of grilled hockey puck hamburgers and hot dogs with a beef jerky consistency. So I sit and looked through the menu, the waitress came to my table and I haphazardly ordered their BBQ pork spare ribs. Little did I know at that moment this seemingly simple order would change the course of my life. After ten minutes, the waitress places the plate in front of me. Lay there was a rack of ribs with that had a beautiful mahogany shine from the pellicle and spice crust that formed, paired with the enamoring sweet smell of smoked kissed gelatinous goodness that comprises a rib. Once I took my first bite, a rush of everything that was missing in my life came to be and I asked myself two question. How is this possible? and How do I replicate this for myself?

Since then I have made it my life long to perfecting and I have spent most/ if not all of my free time practicing and refining that very rib I ate on the fateful day. Along with a host of other fare favorites that are associated with barbecue such a brisket and pulled pork. My business did not come into the picture until one of buddies I served with suggested one day on post in Afghanistan that I should start a business that served my ribs. All at once I realized that I might as well do what I love for a living and that the Northern Jersey BBQ scene is all but nonexistant. So the mission is simple…. win the tastebuds of people one rib at a time.


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